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Nexus One is recruiting. We'll give most anyone a chance, but reserve the right (and gleeful opportunity) to kick new clone members to the curb if they don't fit with the Self-Governing style of the clan, or if they are profane in a way that ain't funny, or if their name is anything but Mama Craft..
Game news
You have found Nexus One, the clan with the most inclusive membership. Nexus One was the brainchild of a few clones who wanted to have a clan that wasn't all about politics, or social standing. Everyone has a say in the clan, and the restrictions applied to new recruits is to protect the clan from deviants who would join to just clean out the clan vault, or have machinations to make a play for controlling the clan. The member restrictions are only in regards to clan materials, THERE ARE NO RESTRICTORS ON INVOLVEMENT AND EVERYONE HAS A VOICE IN THE DECISIONS THE CLAN MAKES. 

Nexus One is an Omni-Faction clan. There isn't a requirement or favored faction within Nexus One: All Factions  Are Welcomed. That said, in the future that may not be tenable as a more focused effort may be needed as a clan in regards to faction events and towns and whatever. But that isn't now. Many of us are spinning, or flipping the faction wheel, so teaming up is not an issue. Several of us are leaning towards Vista as an end goal.

As a general rule, the clones of Nexus One are all about helping each other out. Whether missions, crafting, materials or just a hard, heavily armored shoulder to lean on. That is very easy to maintain right now as we are a small clan, but we hope to maintain an atmosphere among our clones of inclusion and having fun as we grow.

      Welcome to Nexus One, where you are treated like your DNA is just like everyone else's.

Clan News

November Contest

Astrovium, Nov 9, 10 1:39 PM.
How does this sound?
A recruitment contest. We'll give a month, 2 weeks for recruiting, and 2 weeks to see if they stick around and remain active. The Clan member who has the highest number of recruits after that month will receive a... wait for it...

A Combat Motorcycle.
What, that's not enticing enough? What if we throw-in an officer's position in the clan? Chock full of responsibility. We can discuss what the winner would like to do in the clan and figure out the role they will have.
AND!!!  Can you believe there's more -
5 red chips!!
Second place - Combat Motorcycle and 3 red chips
Third place - 2 red chips

As always, any questions or comments or ideas will be fielded by Mama Craft, Ute or Rex.
We'll announce the starting date this week, but we'll count any recruits you bring in now towards your count in the end. SOOOOO GO!!!!


Astrovium, Oct 18, 10 10:39 AM.
Arka was the winner of the contest for the Omnibus, with a whopping 39 stacks. 
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